Rethink Your Expectations


Established in 1978, Medipharm is a premium provider of medical and laboratory equipment, in addition to pharmaceuticals in Palestine. With an office in Beit Sahour and Gaza City, we offer our services in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. The industries we cover include clinical and research laboratories, hospitals, universities and manufacturers of food and pharmaceuticals. 

Customer Experience

We are truly proud to be regarded as one of the best providers of after-sales service on the Palestinian market. We have given to our customers a state-of-the art service model and consistently reminded them to rethink their expectations about the quality of service and support. After all, our mission goes beyond selling; we are here to assist, provide consultation, and raise the standard of healthcare in Palestine. We do not bargain with people's lives and they are our most important asset.


A Word From the Founder

As a graduate in the early 70’s with a B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, I had many opportunities to seek success outside of Palestine.  That would have been the easy choice since it was the choice that most of my peers took. However, I had a firm belief that if I could succeed abroad, I could succeed in my own country, despite the political turmoil and uncertainty it had been facing.

I had always relied on a high set of values and ethical code of conduct in my decision-making process. Those values were the guiding principles upon which I laid the foundation of Medipharm. I believe it is those values that keeps Medipharm going strong 40 years later. Today, despite the deteriorating values of the business world in general, and in our market, we continue to receive reaffirmations of our ways through the loyalty of our customers and the strong relationships we have built with them, even when we are not offering them the cheapest prices in the market.

Dr. Elias Rishmawi, Founder and CEO 

Our Offices

Main Office:
Steih Street
Beit Sahour, Palestine, 99193
(p) +970-2-2772833/4
(f) +970-2-2775245

Branch Office:
Al Shawwa Building, Apt. 44
Omar Al Mukhtar Street
Gaza City, Palestine
(p) +970-8-2825821


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