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Image property of Beckman Coulter

Image property of Beckman Coulter

Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory

Medipharm boasts one of the highest installations of clinical diagnostics laboratories in all of Palestine. In 2015 and 2016 alone, Medipharm installed over 60 hematology analyzers at various laboratories in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem.

Image property of Steris Corporation

Image property of Steris Corporation


Medipharm represents some of the best known manufacturers of hospital equipment. We are present in the OR, ICU, the Radiography room, and many other hospital departments.


Image property of Bio-Rad Corporation

Image property of Bio-Rad Corporation

Research, Food, or Pharma Laboratory

Medipharm has a team with solid knowledge in molecular and analytical research. We provide reagents and equipment to laboratories doing research at universities, the industry, or stand-alone.


Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory

Since 2001, Medipharm has fully equipped over 50 laboratories in Palestine. The current product portfolio covers all the needs of the clinical diagnostics lab, from the pipette to the fully-automated immunoassay systems


Access 2 Immunoassay Analyzer

The Access 2 was designed to have the robustness of a reference-lab immunoassay analyzer in the convenient size of a bench-top instrument; giving you greater control over quality, reliability and speed without sacrificing valuable floor space.


Boule Medonic M-Series Hematology Analyzer

With over 250 installations in Palestine, the Boule CBC equipment have the highest installation base in Palestine. The Boule equipment also boasts the lowest CV of any other equipment on the market today


Miura Family of Automated Chemistry Analyzers

Logotech ISE, Italy, offers a family of products of automated chemistry analyzers including a Miura One (100 tests per hour), Miura 200 (200 tests per hour), and Miura (500 tests per hour)


MicroScan - Microbiology ID/AST Automated System

The WalkAway plus system keeps you on the forefront of ID/AST testing while streamlining workflow through intelligent automation. This system is ideal for mid- to high-volume usage.

  • Delivers gold-standard accuracy for microorganism identification and susceptibility testing

  • Delivers accurate emerging resistance detection for the toughest pathogens, including VISA, VRSA and MRSA

  • Enables simultaneous processing of conventional, rapid and specialty panels on a single, automated platform



The MCX50 and MCX51 from Micros boast a great image quality and are ideal for applications of the clinical diagnostics lab.




Laboratory Incubators

Memmert is one of the world's most recognized names in temperature control. The IN30, 30-liter incubator, is ideal for the clinical lab.


Thalassemia and A1c testing with HPLC

The Bio-Rad D10 is the gold standard in A1c and Thalassemia profile. With 20 installations in Palestine, the D10 is system of choice for many laboratory professionals and diabetes institutions.


Quo-Test HbA1c Point-of-Care Testing

The Quo-Test by EKF Diagnostics is the only truly automated POC system in the market. Requiring minimal work by the laboratory technician, this is the ultimate error-proof system. And with 15 individually-packed tests per reagent pack, it is ideal for small and medium size labs.


Chorus Automated Immunoassay System for Special Testing

The Chorus by Diesse is the best complementary equipment to any reference laboratory who wants to do most testing in house. This system uses single-test ready-to-use devices to for TORCH, Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious Diseases, and Compliment Fixation testing. With only 36 tests per kit, this system is ideal for laboratories that want to take their testing profiles to the next level.


Hospital Equipment

Medipharm boasts an amazing portfolio of products from some of the biggest brand names in endoscopy, x-ray, ultrasounds, sterilizers, and operating theater equipment. Those brand names include Fujfilm, Samsung, Steris, and many others


Fujifilm Digital & Analog X-Ray Systems, CR, and Laser Printer

Medipharm provides Fujifilm's full portfolio of X-Ray Equipment, Computed Radiography, and Laser Printers.

FDR Smart-F Digital X-Ray System:

Capsula XLII Computer Radiography (CR) System:

DRYPIX 6000 Laser Printer and Films:

Digital Flat Panel Detector:


Samsung Ultrasounds

Whether you are a doctor looking to open your first clinic, or a hospital looking for an advanced application in radiography or OBGYN, Samsung offers a portfolio of ultrasound equipment that cover basic to high-end applications.


WS80 with Elite:


Steris Operating Theaters

We have worked with Steris since 2008 to bring to Palestine one of the most renowned brand names in the operating theaters. 

C-Max Operating Table:

Himax Operating Table 

xLed Operating Lights:


Steris Sterilizers

Steris is considered one of the global main players in the field of washing and disinfection, sterilization, and sterility assurance. Medipharm is a proud partner of Steris since 2008.

Sercon 300 Sterilizer:

AMSCO 400 Sterilizer::


Research, Food, or Pharma Laboratory

Medipharm was one of the first companies in Palestine to pay special attention to Life Sciences and Molecular Research and Diagnostics. Today, Medipharm has enough expertise to make it a preferred partner for many local research laboratories.


Bio-Rad Real Time PCR

The CFX 96 Touch from Bio-Rad is the most robust and flexible real-time PCR platform. A truly 6-channel system allowing even the most tediously designed multiplex reactions.


T100 PCR (Conventional):


Gel Documentation Systems

Medipharm distributes a large line up of gel documentation system from Bio-Rad to accommodate the need of the different types of lab regardless of the size and application. 


NanoPhotometer Spectrophotometer

For over a decade, Implen has developed cutting edge technologies for the non-destructive analysis of ultra low volume samples. Today, Implen has a portfolio of modern instruments for the quantification of DNA, RNA, and Protein in ultra low volume samples, with one of the lowest CVs in the market.


Next Generation Sequencing

From the market leader in next generation sequencing, Medipharm brings to the Palestinian market, the best line up of sequencers, including the MiSeq and the NextSeq, currently installed and fully functional at various reference institutions in the country.



PCR Cabinets

In Medipharm's attempt to give a complete solution, we offer PCR Cabinets from UVP, and Analytik Jena Company.

PCR Cabinets:


Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

Medipharm understands the needs of research or molecular laboratories in having a flawless workflow. Macherey Nagel provides excellent quality and a broad range of nucleic extraction kits compatible with most popular automated platforms


Electrophoresis Equipment

Bio-Rad remains one of the most recognized brands in DNA, RNA, and Protein electrophoresis in addition to related equipment.

Sub-cell family of products:


Molecular Diagnostics

Vienna Lab is one of the pioneers in Molecular Strip Assays. These products are a perfect for the Palestinian market as laboratories in Palestine ares slowly expanding the portfolio of tests they are performing in-house, including most recently an expansion into molecular diagnostics.


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